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Current and under development products

Santa Claus vs. The Snowmen

A game to showcase the ILS Engine for the ILS 2006 Christmas Competition
Oinity Online

Fantasy online roleplaying !
Ultimate Alarm

An advanced alarm clock for gamers
Elric - Spawn of Elric

The latest version of Elric for the .NET framework

Fight in a competetive environment against other wizards
Cap'n Bubba and the Nasty Alien Menace

The Cap'n is back, the Tax Man knows, and Shauna is missing ! Only one hero can save her now.

A new twist on the old falling blocks classic - you have NEVER seen it like this before ! 100% FREE fully playable game.
Gunner 2002

The ultimate artillery game. FREE fully playable demo.
The Elric Engine

A high powered 3D game graphics system for C++ developers.
Rock Art

Buy and sell really cool rocks online. (withdrawn)
22 July 2024