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DreamJammers International

Dream Jammers is a professional software development company focusing on games for the PC and the Xbox.

We are an international software development company focusing on the development of 3D RPG's and RTS games, although 2D games and business software are a part of the lineup.

The original three founding members have a combined experience of over 50 years in software development with a strong emphasis on games. We are here because we love programming and we love games.

We are not strangers to business either, each of the principles currently owns, or is a co-owner of another company in the IT industry, giving us access to an unprecedented level of skill and resources, and allowing us to tackle almost any project, including website development & hosting and database & business software development.

We are currently forming alliances throughout the games industry with other development groups and publishers. At the same time, we are developing a high-powered easy to use wrapper for DirectX and now XNA, known as Elric(Spawn of Elric), and will facilitate RGD (Rapid Game Development) on both the PC and the Xbox.

We have recently moved our main development to the .NET framework 2.0.
22 July 2024