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Elric6 is the latest version of our 3D Graphics and Gaming Engine for the .NET framework.
More detailed information will be made available on Elric nearer to release.

  • Why Elric, aren't there enough 3D graphics engines around already ?
    Well, there are a few good ones, and even fewer for the .NET framework. Unfortunatly, the ones available at the time of writing suffer from various problems - drasticly incomplete status, horrible rushed conversion to .NET, terrible wrapppers(not to mention everything using older versions of .NET), or a radically inadequate art-path. Regrettably, no engine that cannot at least import/convert a .3DS file is worthy of futher attention, and a complete overhaul of one of the existing engines didn't seem like fun.
  • The current version of Elric(6) is a complete rewrite from earlier versions, with increased flexibility, more power where it counts, leveraging on new facilities provided by the latest Managed DirectX and .NET 2.0 framework.
  • So.. whats it do the others do not ?
    Elric has a reliable art path, supports full skinned mesh animation, full collision detection, ability to load meshes created in many different packages (including 3D Studio Max), easy texture manipulation and almost everything needed to write a game straight out of the box.
  • No messing around with endless configuration files, no installing extra packages, no trying to get it to work, no tedious conversion process.
  • We are using Elric6 as the driving force behind Oinity Online
  • Availablity: Elric6 is currently for internal use only, it is expected to be released for general consumption in the coming months. There is a motion to take Elric6 to open source, but as yet no decision has been made.
  • No fuss, no mess. It works.
25 May 2024