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The Elric Engine - DreamJammers 2001

The Elric engine has been written and developed to allow developers faster development times, and access to the full power of DirectX without the usual headaches, or effort.

Unlike many other "wrappers", Elric focuses on Direct3D instead of Direct Draw. This kind of power has been restricted to those spending many, many hours learning the full directX API.

Elric exists as a link library and a set of header files for use with Microsoft Visual C++ and at the simplest level, all the power of Elric can be yours by the simple line:
#include "elric.h"

After that, it is simple to create a 3D world in a few lines of C++ by using an elric landscape object, adding a few trees, adding a bunch of clouds (or stars), loading up a few buildings from disk(spaceships), loading a few animated characters(droids)...

The limit of Elric is simply your imagination.

Elric - Dream Jammers 2001.

Elric has now been withdrawn from sale, please watch this space for "Son of Elric" - coming soon. DirectX9 & Visual Studio .Net strongly recommended.

  • 3D Graphics under DirectX8.0b
  • Mouse Input
  • Keyboard Input
  • Joystick Input
  • Midi file loading
  • Sample (wav) file loading
  • Unlimited number of samples playing
  • Unlimited number of midi files playing
  • System takeover for maximum performance
  • Full screen graphics mode
  • Window graphics mode
  • Loading of .bmp .jpg .png .tga graphics formats
  • Built in landscape objects
  • Optional - Complex large landscape objects
  • Loading of .X files
  • Skinned Meshes
  • Animated Meshes
  • Support for custom objects
  • Objects can be positioned, scaled, rotated & reset
  • Screen text
  • Fog effects
  • Clip plane effects
  • Full Zbuffering
  • Built in keyboard camera controller
  • Full control over camera
  • Auto-shutdown
  • Built in skybox support
  • Light features
  • Background light
  • Specular "shiny highlights"
  • Glow in the dark objects
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